Bet you didn't think we'd put together impressions of this, did ya? Well, some of us got a chance to take a look at Killzone 2 and it was nothing short of amazing. The intro was about as close to the original tech-demo from 2005 as I could have imagined. Amazing character detail, with incredible animation all being rendered in real-time, which then seamlessly moved onto the actual game where the visual clarity remained absolutely identical.

The expression on everybody's face, including mine, looked something like this: :-O – with the occasional head-shaking of disbelief. Yes, I did use an emoticon to illustrate my thoughts. And there was no trickery going on, since we witnessed it all unfolding right in front of our eyes. Killzone 2 just looked that damn good. It's easily the best looking console FPS in development, and downright the most exciting too. The game was filled with action and the feeling of tension and fright was setting in as if my life was actually on the line.

You can employ stealth tactics, which aren't limited to just hiding somewhere. You can peak out and take wild shots at enemies obscured by your temporary shield, be it a wall or some other large object that can safely protect you from fire coming your way. The environments were loaded with details, and the textures especially were mind boggling. Reps from Guerrilla informed us that Killzone 2 looks so sharp largely thanks to the Cell and the RSX graphics chip working in-sync with one another, allowing the game to run effortlessly with, while featuring 4x full-screen anti-aliasing. What does that mean? A beautiful framerate and not a single jaggy to be found anywhere.

Needless to say, I was floored. Killzone 2 was one of the highlights of the show without a doubt. Sony has safely put Halo 3 to shame, eclipsing Bungie's title on nearly every level. We can't even begin to imagine what online competitions will be like, if it's anything like Resistance and features 40 players…well then, FPS mecca has arrived.

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