It's about time for WWII shooters to come to a wrap, seeing as how at this point we must've played out every scenario that could've possibly occurred. Activision realizes this much, because after three iterations, various spin-offs and add-ons, Call of Duty is ditching World-War II, and is moving straight ahead to World War III. Well, not really WWIII, but modern warfare. And thus we have the title: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The game has been in development for over two years now, and it shows. Gone are the grainy visuals found in Call of Duty 3, as COD4 sports an engine designed from the ground-up for next-generation platforms. The image clarity is superb, and even though the game still has months until its release, the framerate was already locked and running smoothly. Clearly, because this is a modern warfare title, it plays unlike any COD game before it. The action is faster, and there's much larger sense of chaos.

You look around the stage and there's action all around you, gun shots, beams, explosions, yelling…the game really captures chaos very well. On top of that, there's a bunch of enemies to kill all around, far more than what the previous COD games offered. Enemy is A.I. is well done, as enemies take cover and try to outsmart you. The heads-up display is clean, appearing only when you need it to or prompt it to.

COD4 is definitely looking solid and it played quite well, too. Our impressions lead us to believe that Activision has successfully converted the series away from the World War II universe, and we're very happy to see that. Keep your eyes peeled for COD4.

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