Amazon's sales have skyrocketed, and Sony's Jack Tretton said at the press conference that "PlayStation 3 sales have doubled at their 5 major retailers." Perhaps Circuit City is one of those, because the next-gen console is in high demand over there.

The new low price of the PS3 ($499) has fueled sales – big time – and's PS3 web page says: "1 per customer." They also make it clear that the machine is "Not Available In-Store." We haven't seen this kind of demand since the launch back in November, and back then, we couldn't find PS3s for a lack of supply. But with Sony pumping out the machines at a faster pace than ever before, this new lack of supply can only be explained by one thing: heightened demand.

The manufacturing woes are behind them, $499 is a much more attractive price, it's widely believed that Sony had the best E3 showing (by far), the games are gonna come in droves this holiday season, and Blu-Ray is dominating. Despite all the portents of doom earlier this year, it seems Sony is primed to make the biggest move to date on their competitors. Heck, they already have.

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