Behind all of the high profile stuff at E3 was something I almost forgot about: Super Puzzle Fighter II HD. Walking through the tiny hangar I spotted Super Puzzle Fighter HD running on the PS3. I was then spotted by one of the reps from the developer (Foundation 9) who turned out to be an old friend I worked with in the past. I was informed that Puzzle Fighter is coming along extremely well for both the X360 and PS3, and that the fighters would still see some cleaning up before the game is complete.

There isn't much to say about Puzzle Fighter HD, seeing as how its basically a perfect port of the original, with a high resolution display. The characters have yet to be optimized, and I was informed that while they won't be totally overhauled, they will see some updating. What has been overhauled is the look of the game, the blocks, and so on. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous on screen, so crisp and vibrant – it's awesome. Foundation 9 went as far as recreating the explosion effects for when the blocks break – and the effect looks great. As far as gameplay, because it is Puzzle Fighter, the game still rocks as hard as it did when it launched over a decade ago in 1996.

Make sure you have your money all set for when Puzzle Fighter HD debuts on the PlayStation Network.

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