A lot of people have been waiting to see just how well the new Devil May Cry 4 is turning out. Some are paranoid and cautiously hesitant to accept the fact that Dante will not be the pivotal character of the game, and instead will be replaced by new comer Nero. Fear not, while Capcom may be pulling a switch-a-roo on us, this is one switch that's actually great. Believe it or not, but Nero is a better and more fun character than Dante. His Devil Bringer arm allows for melee combat, in addition to sword swinging and gun slinging.

And since Nero looks quite a bit like Dante, fans of the original devil will probably embrace Nero very quick. On top of that, you can rest easy, knowing that Dante will still mark a presence in the game, and one that is playable too. With the exception of the Devil Bringer (which kicks ass, by the way), the control scheme has remained largely the same. Picking up the controller and playing the game suddenly makes you feel right at home. The game's animations are motion captured this time around, by Johny Yong Bosch. Bosch used to be the Black Ranger on the Power Rangers — he will also be voicing Nero.

The game looks great, sporting a super sharp resolution of 1080p, all the while still running at a beautiful 60 frames per second. The speed and resolution helps contribute to the game's precision, as it remains as intact as ever. I'm sure many of you expected DMC4 to rock, but regardless, I'm here to reaffirm your beliefs. And to those of you who aren't sure about Nero, believe me that he is the s**t.

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