Unreal is the series that put Epic on the map, and simultaneously casted a large shadow over every other futuristic first person shooter. Unreal Tournament would then take the PC community (and myself) by storm. I've spent countless hours playing the game online, and UT has forever been cemented into my brain as one of the all-time best FPS games ever. Now, here comes Unreal Tournament III, and boy does it continue to rock.

Sony has announced that the PS3 will be getting UTIII exclusively in 2007, along side the PC version. What we didn't expect was to find a fully playable build at Sony's arcade. I had played the PC version back in March when Midway came to town for a press tour, and I was pretty impressed. After playing the PlayStation 3 version, I came away even more impressed. First off, it was nice to see that the visual differences between the PC and PS3 version were minimal at best.

The game looked every bit as good on the PS3 as it did on the PC. Unreal Engine III is definitely allowing UTIII to run optimally on the PS3, as not even the framerate showed any signs of trouble. Overall, you can definitely tell that the engine has been well optimized to run spectacularly well on the PS3.

Moreover, Unreal continues to demonstrate its classic elements such as the speed, the gameplay balance and fun. Fans who weren't too thrilled with the last few Unreal Tournaments (UT2004 rocked, though) will likely admit that UTIII does bring the franchise back to the days of the original. From the time spent with the game, you can definitely expect UTIII to deliver the goods of awesomeness.

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