Heavenly Sword has been one of the PlayStation 3's most anticipated titles since the day it was shown two years ago. The game has remained in the spotlight of the press, and with every little tidbit of info came a horde of followers ready to digest it all. Finally, Sony has given gamers a proper chance to play Heavenly Sword, and after 20 minutes with it, I came away quite impressed. Even though the game doesn't have a jump button, you don't really even need it.

You can parry and counter attacks, and when you pull off a counter move it feels quite rewarding. You can pickup various objects and use them as projectiles to fend off enemies. Combat was very smooth, and the action came off very fast and pretty engaging. You felt very connected to the game, as the control mechanics are pretty darn fluid and in a fast paced action title that's pretty important. There are different types of weapons to wield, all of which have their own unique properties.

Visually, Heavenly Sword was gorgeous. Vibrancy popped from the screen, as the game's color looked rich. Animation was especially striking, as each character moved with beautiful precision and silky quality. Likewise, the texture detail on Nariko's face is stunning and it's incredible that we're seeing such caliber this early on the PlayStation 3's life.

The most important thing you need to know about Heavenly Sword is that yes, it is fun. Very fun.

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