If there's one franchise that could use a revival, it's Turok . Thankfully, we do have high hopes for the next-gen installment, which is currently in development for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It's one of those names that everyone remembers from two generations ago, and all those fans have been hoping for another top-notch entry in the series. The last few haven't exactly been up to snuff…

But now, it seems we'll hear more about this one as the year progresses, because we finally have an official release date. Josh Holmes of Propaganda Games made the announcement at the recent Disney Interactive press conference: February 5, 2008. Obviously, they've made a good decision to not challenge the likes of Halo 3 and the many other FPSs scheduled for this holiday season. Turok may be recognizable, but it still has a lot to prove.

We'll try to dig up as much info as possible on this one, so as to deliver an in-depth preview. Let's hope our earlier word, "revival," isn't too far off the mark!

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