The other huge title on display for Sony was the all new Ratchet and Clank game. Insomniac has created an all new game engine for this one, and it shows. While the game retains its signature look by featuring that mouthwatering color palette, complete with absurdly detailed characters, it also does a lot of new things. The game environment is incredible to look at. There are details everywhere you turn, including the sky. Insomniac left no portion of the game screen barren of objects or action.

The explosions in Tools of Destruction are the biggest and best they've ever been. And there's even a feeling of satisfaction that you feel after each and every fireball of goodness erupts on your screen. Though early, the game's artificial intelligence is already quite smart, as it always has been with the series. Moreover, the gameplay continues to feel classic, as Insomniac made sure not to touch an already great formula.

The picture did have some screen tearing present, but considering that this is an early build, we wouldn't worry too much about it when it comes time for the final product later in the year. On top of that, the framerate lives up to the standard that Insomniac has set with the past Ratchet games, as it runs silky smooth. But it is the animation that really sets Ratchet apart from all of the games. One look at the cutscenes and you'll find yourself in awe – this is the stuff that animated movies are made out of.

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