Sometimes it feels as if you can't have an E3 without a Burnout game being shown off. E3 2007 is no different, of course, as Criterion was showing off Burnout Paradise in a variety of modes. I saw the game being played in an online mode, but I felt like taking a single-player spin to see how well the game played. Hey, clearly the first thing I did was crash the bejezus out of my car and I marveled at the slow-motion destruction.

During a really large crash, the game changes the camera angle and zooms in on the crash, showing you how the crumple zones of the cars are about to deform. It's quite the awesome effect, to be honest. There's also fantastic details in the lighting, with great shadows and bloom. Textures are super sharp and super smooth, and that also helps create some of the best looking reflections in a racing game to date.

The world was huge, and it featured no pop-up or draw-in of any kind. Best of all, the sense of speed continues to rock, meanwhile the framerate was silky smooth. The cars controlled well, and driving around took no time getting used to. I even made a note on my pad that states: "plays like a dream". Indeed Burnout does play superb. Burnout fans will not be disappointed with this one, it's awesome.

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