Time Crisis has long remained the staple of lightgun shooters. In fact, Namco's shooters are actually the only lightgun games available for the PSOne and PS2. But Namco continues to deliver us the goods without taking hits in quality. I was surprised to see Time Crisis 4 on display, especially considering that it was just recently revealed for the PS3. What I noticed instantly was that the gameplay mechanics have been updated, and some of it takes time getting used to.

There's an ability to switch directions now to defeat enemies surrounding you. To perform this you'll have to aim your gun off screen at whichever direction you want to turn to. Thankfully, this only occurs at certain times, and not throughout the whole game. So for the most part, the action is still on-rails, just like Time Crisis has been. I wasn't too crazy about the new controller. I can't hold it like a rifle anymore, because of the little joystick addition. So instead, I have to hold on to the handle that is located to the left of the gun. It feels unnatural, and I'd much rather prefer holding the gun with my hand underneath it. They could've at least put the handle below the barrel of the gun, and not to the side of it.

So taking cover is now done with the rear analog joystick, and that further puts a damper on things. The fundamentals of the game have been changed around. And why can't we reload by shooting off the screen anymore? I recall that being in the last Time Crisis game I played – am I wrong?

But worst of all, because the new gun doesn't feature force feedback, you feel like you're only getting half of the experience. Once you get past the annoying quirks and readjust yourself to the game, you begin enjoying it. But you still can't help help but feel like you're missing something.

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