While not a confirmation that Sony will be releasing a Sixaxis controller equipped with force feedback, it still shows that rumble isn't exactly the "last generation" feature Sony said it was.

Today, Immersion Corporation announced that gaming manufacturers Hori and Katana Game Accessories have entered into patent licenses with Immersion. As one might expect, this features rights for "advanced vibro-tactile, spinning mass gaming technologies for advanced portable gaming devices and computer and console video gaming peripherals." In the past, Hori has produced peripherals for all three major consoles, but starting this September, Katana will begin distributing peripherals exclusively for Sony PlayStation products. According to the agreement, all of these peripherals will display Immersion's "Feel The The Game® TouchSense® Technology" logo.

"As a company that has just entered the console accessory business, Katana is focused on providing very high-quality products to enhance the Sony PlayStation gaming experience," said Katana President Chris McGlynn. "We consider Immersion's technology a key ingredient and look forward to putting it to work for PlayStation gamers."

One way or another, it seemed inevitable that rumble would return to PlayStation, and Katana will be the company to do it. The only question left is whether or not their products will make it out for the holidays, but we'll keep an eye on how things progress.

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