Sony continues to push forward with PS3 production, and this week's price cut has certainly helped to push consoles. Sony's next-gen machine shot to the top of Amazon's top-selling list, and the console is a hot ticket in brick-and-mortar retailers as well.

In speaking at Sony's E3 press conference yesterday, Jack Tretton confirmed that the company would hit their target shipment of 11 million PS3s before the end of the year. Furthermore, he said the following, almost in passing but not missed by anyone in attendance-

"Since Monday, sales of the 60GB PS3 have doubled at our top five retailers," he said during the conference.

This fits in well with one of the two major focuses Sony has for E3; the intent to put more PS3s in homes throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. Obviously, Tretton wanted to reinforce how much of an impact the price drop has had, and it comes as no surprise to anyone. While some critics will say the machine is still too expensive, even at the $499 price point, it's clear that most gamers are fine with the new retail tag. …they're buying it like crazy, right?

We expect to see official numbers from the likes of GameStop/Electronics Boutique over the next couple of weeks, just to see how big of a sales spike the PS3 enjoyed.

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