Earlier this week many sites took a few comments about the possible price of
the PS3 from the head of Sony Computer Entertainment France head, Georges
Fornay, and ran with it. Fornay mentioned that the system could cost between
499-599 Euros, which translates to anywhere from $600-$730 here in the United
States. All this talk that the PlayStation 3 could fall in this price ranges
seemed premature, and indeed it was, according to an article from GamesIndustry.biz .

"Mr. Fornay explained that, with BD and HD functionality, PS3 at this price
would be cheap for such functionality, but that current video games machines
were significantly below this price. At no time did he suggest or indicate a
specific price point or price range for PS3, and any reports that he did so are
incorrect." said SCEE corporate communications director Nick Sharples. "He
summarized by saying that PS3 would be expensive when one looked at the current
price of a video games machine, at far below 500 Euros, but extremely good value
when looking at the BD and HD technology inside."

Look, the chances of the PlayStation 3 launching at $600 in the United States
are slim to none. E3 is just over a month away, and most people expect Sony to
firm up their launch plans and perhaps indicate a price point for the system at
their pre-E3 press event. We'll be there covering the event live, and we'll be
sure to let you now what kind of hit your wallet is going to take on the PS3 as
soon as the news breaks.

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