Online gaming is becoming more and more popular, and while the PC has been home to most of these titles, that might change in the near future. NC Soft, responsible for some of the biggest MMORPGs in the past decade ( Guild Wars , City of Heroes , and Lineage ), has signed exclusively with Sony to create – we assume – MMOs for the PS3.

Sony's Jack Tretton made the announcement at Sony's press conference today, and it came as a surprise to most industry professionals in attendance. For the most part, it's believed that Xbox Live is a more robust and fully-realized online service than the PlayStation Network, but Sony continues to upgrade and enhance their online capabilities. The fact that NC Soft is now an exclusive developer for Sony's console is a very big deal, as most anyone involved in MMOs will tell you.

He did not go into specifics regarding any current NC Soft PS3 projects, but we hope to hear more about them soon.

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