Provided it had happened, quite possibly the biggest piece of news at E3 this year would've involved Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots going multiplatform. Whispers of such a move have been circulating for months now, but it appears the rumors won't be validated.

The first hint that this wasn't going to happen came yesterday, when an Australian gaming site listed MGS 4's tentative release date , and the release schedule they received only showed the title for PS3. But even so, rumors continued to fly. Konami's head of U.S. and European operations, Kazumi Kitaue, said that while the game was "born for PlayStation" and they'd want to keep it that way, "steps may have been taken" to bring it to the Xbox 360.

But now, a source has told CVG the following-

"Kitaue is constantly trying to force Kojima to drop the game's PS3 exclusivity, which Hideo refuses point blank to do. Trust me MGS4 will be a PS3 exclusive for for months at least."

Microsoft has already held their press conference for E3, and they made no mention of MGS 4 appearing on their system, which makes everyone believe the game is still a PS3 exclusive. At this point, despite all the speculation and hearsay, it's probably safe to say that the next Metal Gear installment will indeed be exclusive to PS3 or, at the very least, a timed exclusive.

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