This will likely get people talking…talking, speculating, theorizing, postulating; any and all discussion regarding Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will suddenly become more spirited, that's for sure.

According to Australian game site, Gameplayer, the massively anticipated Konami blockbuster is scheduled to arrive in March 2008. They've discovered this news thanks to a release schedule sent from the offices of the game's local distributor (Atari) yesterday. We can't find confirmation from Konami, Atari, or Sony, but the timing seems just about right, what with E3 kicking off today.

A few things of interest, though, before everyone starts those aforementioned discussions- firstly, there was no listing for an Xbox 360 version on the release schedule; MGS 4 is only listed for the PS3. Secondly, as this is an Australian gaming site, we have to remember our friends down under often have to wait longer for games, so perhaps there's still a chance the game makes it out in the U.S. this year…

Okay, let the talks begin. We'll look for official release date confirmation at E3.

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