Details regarding the single-player gameplay in Grand Theft Auto IV have been trickling out at a fairly consistent rate, but what about those much anticipated multiplayer options? Well, it seems PS3Fanboy has uncovered one particularly cool-sounding multi-mode, which they outlined just recently.

The mode, which remains nameless at this time, pits you one-on-one against an opponent. Basically, you have to find him and eliminate him, but in such a huge environment, that could take some time…right? The information is a little hazy, but it seems that if your opponent ratchets his "wanted" rating up to seven stars, he'll pop up on your radar. After that, it's simply seek and destroy. We can't really believe that's the only way to locate the other player, but this certainly sounds awesome.

They did add a couple little single-player details: the Internet and cell phone will play major roles throughout your adventure. The phone can be used to order more weapons and other items/equipment, so that adds a great deal to the realism (we've known for a while that Rockstar was planning to make this GTA entry the most simulated). As for more on the multiplayer modes, we're hoping to gather up more details soon.

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