With so many games going multiplatform these days, it has become increasingly rare to hear about a third-party exclusive. But according to the latest IGN Podcast, a game previously believed to be multiplatform will be confirmed exclusively for the PS3 at E3. They don't say what that game is, but it's certainly a confirmation.

Obviously, this has kicked off plenty of rumor and speculation, and most sources believe they've narrowed the possibilities down to two games: Haze or Unreal Tournament 3 . Reasons- both titles are supposed to debut on the PS3 and arrive on the 360 at a later date. However, Midway's E3 lineup lists UT 3 as only for the PC (which we really hope is a misprint of some kind), so as that's up in the air, we're going with Haze .

Rumors flew for a while regarding the possibility of the latter title being a PS3 exclusive, and then it was confirmed Sony's console would be the "lead" platform. That simply means the game hits the PS3 first – supposedly this year – and the 360 later. So we'd like to think this is the third-party game that will be confirmed as a PS3 exclusive. We'll keep a sharp ear out for the E3 announcement.

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