And the next to unveil their E3 lineup: 2K Games. The game guaranteed to be the biggest draw won't be on a Sony platform (and that's Bioshock for the Xbox 360), but the other four titles are all for the PS3 as well as other consoles. Perhaps most interesting will be the revealing of the freshly announced Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution , which will arrive for the PS3, 360, and Nintendo DS in Spring of 2008, and for the Wii in Fall of 2008.

They'll also be showing off an already-released title, The Darkness , which is indeed a fantastic game and should have plenty of exposure. And of course, 2K Sports will be presenting this year's sports games, which includes both NHL 2K8 and All-Pro Football 2K8 .

The full E3 2K Games and 2K Sports list looks like this-

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