We await official numbers from brick-and-mortar retailers in regards to PS3 sales, which ought to be quite large after the price drop yesterday. However, the news has caused sales to spike over at Amazon, and their latest PS3 bundle – loaded down with free stuff – is bound to keep the machine popular.

But remember, the tie-in rate for a console is always important; it's crucial that Sony sell games along with the PS3. Well, if the latest top 25 lists at Amazon are any indication, new PS3 owners are definitely buying some extra items, and that includes both games and accessories. The following have suddenly leaped into the site's top 25 lists of top sellers:

PS3 Games

PS3 Accessories

Obviously, this is subject to change with every passing minute, but just look at the increase in sales rank for anything PS3. At the time of this posting, the fragFX accessory had leaped 31,112%!

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