Everyone – not just the consumer – is racing to take advantage of the newfound PS3 craze in light of the recent price drop. Amazon's sales of the machine are way up, and in honor of that more appealing $499 price tag, they're promoting a special limited-time-only deal :

If you order your PS3 now from Amazon.com, you will receive a Sony PS3 DVD remote, a Blu-Ray copy of "Memento," and your choice of 5 more Blu-Ray movies from a "select list of titles" by Mail-In Rebate. What's the price of this sweet little bundle, you ask? $499. That's right, you're getting all that extra stuff free . Amazon may be the first to offer a special PS3 promotion to increase sales even more, but they probably won't be the last.

Wait, you're still reading this…? What are you waiting for? Place your order!

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