Sony has said that one of their two focuses at E3 this year will center on one straightforward goal: putting more PS3s in homes. Of course, we figured the recent price drop would create a spike in sales, but we had no idea the response would be quite this big, or quite this immediate.

Clearly, a lot of gamers have been waiting for this price drop, because it almost seems like the second launch of the PS3. Over at Amazon, the PS3 is the hottest thing out there: the machine started climbing up the site's top-selling list within hours of the confirmed price drop, and as of now, it has hit #1. This new position means the PS3 is now up 2800% in sales!

With E3 this week, a huge lineup of games for the fall and winter, and a suddenly more interested group of consumers, the PS3 is certainly in the best position of its short life so far.

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