No more rumors. No more speculation. No more hearsay, second-hand knowledge, or semi-educated theories. This is official, ladies and gents, and it's already the biggest news of the week even before E3 starts.

Firstly, Sony has announced that starting today, the 60GB PS3 will retail for $499, thereby confirming the recent rumors that the machine has dropped by $100 in price. This is exactly what everyone has been waiting for, so if you have yet to pick one up, now's the time. Sony is preparing for a big E3 show, and there are plenty of PS3 games scheduled for 2007 and beyond, so here's your chance, savvy shoppers!

However, if you think you need a little more space, and you want to pick up one of the best PS3 games to date, there's another option for you. A brand new revised PS3 will hit store shelves in August for the U.S. and Canada; it will have a 80GB hard drive and come with a copy of Motorstorm . This very nice bundle will retail for $599. An 80GB PS3 is already in existence in Korea, but it's the only version available in that region, and nobody believed the U.S. would be seeing the 80GB PS3.

Sony's David Karraker said Sony would be using E3 to focus on two specific areas- 1. ways to increase the number of consumers who own the PS3 (and other Sony products, like the PSP), and 2. expanding the PS3's library of games. Well, that's to be expected, and we're already well aware of the many, many titles on tap for the near future.

But for now, be happy with the knowledge that you suddenly have two very new, and very sweet, options when it comes to the PS3. If you wanna wait for the 80GB PS3 Motorstorm bundle, you can do that, or if you just need that PS3 right now, the $100 savings is here!

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