Don't ask me what happened, but for some unexplained reason,
sales of the PS3 saw a bump of 2500 units this week. Hot Shots
Golf 5 is still two weeks away, as is the Hot Shots PS3 bundle
pack. Perhaps it's a bump due to anticipation. A few days ago, on
July 4th, My Summer Vacation 3 did come out for the PS3. But
tracking for this chart only goes up to the 1st. Early sales
estimates show that My Summer Vacation 3 sold 15k copies on its
first day of sales, so perhaps it was also responsible for a
pre-launch sales boost for the PS3.

The only notable PS3 game to be released last week in Japan was
Rainbow Six: Vegas, and it sold somewhere around 10-15k units.
That said, we doubt that R6 was responsible for the bump in
sales. As you can see, Sony's entire lineup saw a boost in sales,
as the PSP sold 38k units last week, a climb of over 5k. And the
PS2 sold 16k, a 4k increase.

Nintendo DS 157,480
Nintendo Wii 73,919
Sony PSP 38,305
Sony PS2 16,316
Sony PS3 11,914
Xbox 360 3,154

June 18th-24th:

Nintendo DS 163,918
Nintendo Wii 65,582
Sony PSP 32,984
Sony PS2 11,962
Sony PS3 9,581
Xbox 360 3,369

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