What's the definition of a fast-selling game? Well, in order to become a Greatest Hit on the PS2, a title needed to sell at least 400,000 copies and have been out for at least 9 months. While the PS3 certainly doesn't have any Greatest Hits just yet, provided the requirements stay the same, Ninja Gaiden Sigma has already covered the sales requirement.

According to the Japanese Bloomberg site – barely translated by Google – the freshly released remake has sold 450,000 copies worldwide. The game has been available in Japan for three weeks (it released on June 14), but it only recently released in the U.S. (July 3) and Europe (July 6). Therefore, these numbers are pretty incredible, and if we're understanding that garbled translation correctly, it surpasses Tecmo's expectations.

Stay tuned for our review of this fantastic action title, and then you can decide for yourself if you need it in your collection. By the time you run out and pick it up this weekend, Sigma will probably have sold a half-million copies!

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