We saw the E3 header on the PlayStation Store a few days ago, which was – of course – a huge hint. But now, Sony has officially confirmed their plans for PlayStation Network E3 coverage, and it's fairly robust.

PS3 users will be able to download E3 content directly from the Store, including the entire SCEA press conference scheduled for July 11. This means they'll be posting up more than a few game trailers, videos and editorial content from the show. Only one question remains: how fast will it appear on the Store in relation to its unveiling at the event? Wouldn't it be great if Sony was preparing to release the content simultaneously at E3 and on the Store? That would keep gamers pinned to their consoles!

Furthermore, PlayStation.com and the official PlayStation blog will continually include information, details and updates from the show, so those are more places to check. Or, and this is just a thought, you could bypass all that searching around in multiple areas and simply go here, where you'll find the best summaries, media, and comprehensive news stories from E3.

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