Earlier this week, EA confirmed that PS3 owners wouldn't be getting Medal of Honor: Airborne on August 28, as initially scheduled. Unfortunately, while the Xbox 360 and PC versions are still on track for that date, the PS3 version won't hit store shelves until November. As for a reason, EA gave one to Next-Gen; Executive producer Patrick Gilmore said they got the PS3 development kits "a little bit later," and that the 360 and PC SKUs have "always" been ahead of the PS3 version.

Gilmore made it clear the game was "looking good," but added they wouldn't release the PS3 version until they could "deliver a more polished and complete experience." The team also wants to make sure the Sixaxis functionality is ready to go, and they don't want to "shortchange" PS3 owners. As for what Gilmore thinks of the PS3, he had some thoughts on that, too.

“I think it’s a great machine. We haven’t had as long [on the PS3], but the Cell processor is very, very powerful, and the challenge for any developer is figuring out how to leverage all that extra power… We’re a platform-agnostic company, so the challenge for Medal of Honor Airborne is always fully leveraging the platform, and not doing what some of our competitors do, which is cater to the lowest common denominator.”

Sixaxis functionality should be pretty significant in Airborne as players will use it to maneuver their parachute during drops. It should also affect combat; we'll use the motion sensing “to leverage the control system for moving while in iron sight and creating a little different combat experience for peeking and engaging an opponent.”

Well, at least we know why we'll have to wait, and it's good to hear – once again – how powerful the PS3 really is. Let's just hope big companies like EA will soon be able to harness that power, which could allow the PS3 to separate itself from the competition.

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