Well, this is either disheartening or a ploy to make the announcement that much bigger during E3.

Obviously, the big news of the week is the rumored PS3 price drop , which multiple sources have indicated will happen either during or after E3. However, in a recent interview with Reuters (article posted today), Sony's Ryoji Chubachi said – in effect – that this isn't true.

"At present we have no plans," to cut the PS3 price, Ryoji Chubachi told Reuters in an interview.

The only other point of interest in the interview is that Chubachi said Sony was "on track" to hit its target of a 5% operating margin for the year up to March 2008. Clearly, this interview must've been conducted before the preceding information (Circuit City, Sony Protection Group, GamesDaily.biz) popped up, so perhaps he just wasn't in a position to make the announcement. Heck, perhaps he really doesn't know .

But it does prove that Sony still hasn't issued an official confirmation of the price cut, despite everything we've heard. We'll make sure to keep an eye out for more hints, and of course, if Sony ends up providing an official statement on the matter.

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