Well-hidden Easter Eggs in video games can stay hidden for a very long time.

Many years after the original release, we're still learning all sorts of things about classic games, and that includes the NES game Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!

Even though it has been around for nearly three decades, Reddit user midwesternhousewives (bizarre handle for a gamer) has stumbled upon another little secret: Fans of the game knew you could take out Piston Honda and Bald Bull with one perfectly timed punch, but nobody knew the game was actually telling them when to do it. Maybe because we were all so fixated on the action.

There's this bearded dude in the stands who gives you a cue, so you know when to unleash your finishing punch; you can see it in the video below. Obviously, it's feasible that other people noticed this but it's the first we're seeing of it online…right? Pretty cool, either way.