Symbolically, the original Nintendo Entertainment System is golden.

But if you've got some relatively deep pockets and you want a console that's actually gold, we've got just the thing:

Hardware manufacturer Analogue has created a new version of its NES system, and this one is plated in 24-karat gold . The Analogue Nt 24K Gold console was made to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda (gaming vets will probably remember that the first two Zelda games on NES had gold-colored cartridges). So, if you've got an extra $5,000 to spare, you can own one of these very limited – and awfully shiny – machines. We say very limited because in point of fact, Analogue is only making 10. Yep, 10.

To clarify, this is an aluminum console built with original NES hardware, and it can play both NES and Famicom games while outputting the video via HDMI. Here's everything you get for your $5K:

Of course, you could just opt for the regular Analogue Nt , which is 1/10th the price ($500). The only problem there is it appears they're sold out.