Want to smell like the undead?

Sure you do. I mean, you do if you're a rabid Resident Evil fan and you love unique video game collectibles. And it would probably help if you're female.

According to RocketNews24 , Capcom is releasing a special T-Virus perfume, which will go on sale at the Capcom Cafe on March 26.

It will retail for only 4,200 yen (about $37.25), which is darn cheap for perfume, but the scent won't exactly remind you of Minerva's sweat droplets, either. Hell, even the description of the product warns users to exercise caution when using it, probably because the designers tried to "mimic the highly infectious and explosive dispersal characteristics of the fictional virus when crafting the scent." You can also pick up a deodorizing spray for 1,300 yen (approximately $11.50), which is based on the first-aid spray from the iconc games; this will go on sale on April 2.

Bear in mind that there will only be a limited number of these products, so you'd better strike quickly if you want 'em. Hardcore RE followers, this is for you!

Thanks, BikerSaint!