What you see here is a mirror of the face of the player in question…if he ever lost that data.

And if you're wondering what the definition of "hardcore" is, it's right here:

It seems one Japanese gamer has left his Super Famicom (we know it as the SNES here in the U.S.) on for a long time, just so he won't lose a special game save. How long? Oh, just 20 years . Yeah, the crazy dedicated gamer Tweeted a picture of the console still running the game, and supposedly, it has been running since freakin' 1994 (as translated by Siliconera ).

The game in question is a platformer called Umihara Kawase , and the fan was worried he might lose the data because the cartridge used Static RAM (SRAM) with lithium-ion batteries. If the battery stayed charged, the save data would be intact but if he turned off the system or removed the cartridge, the battery would eventually lose its charge and the data would be gone. This means the Super Famicom has been on for 180,000 hours as of September 2015.

…man, and I thought I'd left my SNES a long time when I left it for two weeks during a playoff run in Madden '93 . But it certainly proves one thing: These old game consoles are absolutely un-killable .