When it was revealed that Yakuza 5 was, at long last, available to pre-order on the North American PlayStation Store, die-hard fans were encouraged.

However, we didn't have an exact date, which concerned some gamers.

That might be because Sega has had some difficulty localizing the game for Western markets, as they explained in a recent Sega blog post . As it turns out, they're back on track to release the game digitally in the U.S. in "mid-November" and the reason it took so long? Bugs.

" Without getting too technical, there were just certain parts that didn't like switching the Japanese text out for English, and we had to actually search through the source code to find a fix, taking more time than we expected. But! Everything is more or less back on track. Once we have details beyond just 'mid-November,' we'll make sure to share them! "

Earlier this year during E3, Sega confirmed that Yakuza 6 was in development , and we're also getting a remake of the original title. The last time the West saw an entry in the highly regarded series was over four years ago, so Yakuza aficionados are champing at the bit.

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