I suppose the following statements will disqualify me as a "gamer" but in truth, just about everyone I know – all of whom are gamers to some extent – agree.

Let me make this plain: I don't give two sh*** about eSports. I know ESPN has just recently embraced eSports and that's fine by me; if they air stuff like billiards, darts and bowling, they can darn well air eSports. All require a ridiculous amount of precision and practice, but none require that the participants be athletes . At least, not by my definition.

Now, I think there's this pervading belief among most non-gamers that if you play video games, you're automatically watching and loving eSports. I mean hell, they just sold out Madison Square Garden so obviously, it's crazy popular. But frankly, I'm starting to think that all those who participate in eSports and even those who watch it are simply different kinds of gamers. It just isn't appealing to me or anyone I know and yet, we all like to play.

I don't know what it is, but I just find watching other people play video games to be mind-numbingly boring. I'd rather watch anything else. Even soccer. I'm sorry, no, I'm not impressed and I simply can't fathom the source of the excitement. Of course, I'm sure those who don't care about football or baseball would probably say the same thing; I'm sure it's just a matter of personal preference. That being said, it absolutely is true that many believe avid gamers would watch eSports.