The original PlayStation launched almost exactly 20 years ago. Now, here we sit, enjoying the fourth great console.

After two decades of entertainment, which memories stand out for you? Which ones will be with you forever? Were you one of the first to enter the PlayStation fold or have you only recently discovered the obviously superior brand? 😉

Here are a few to get us started:

— Seeing Battle Arena Toshinden for the first time on the original PlayStation. Up until that point, we all thought such 3D fighting experiences could only be had in the arcades.

— I didn't really care about Metal Gear Solid (yes, I know, shame on me, but I caught up later) but Final Fantasy VII remains one of my favorite game of all time, and when combined with the incomparable Final Fantasy Tactics and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night , I was in heaven.

— Playing Twisted Metal 2 co-op for hours on end (I was always Warthog).

— The launch of the PS2. To this day, I haven't seen anything quite so nuts.

— Reveling in Grand Theft Auto III , thinking, "man, this should be impossible in video games but isn't." It began my love affair with open-world games (which has admittedly lagged in recent years simply because they've continued to be shoved down my throat).

— Thinking Resistance: Fall of Man was so damn great it almost made the $600 launch PS3 worth it. Almost.

— Stumbling upon gems I never in a million years thought I'd like. This includes Fear Effect , Gitaroo-Man and Katamari Damacy . Yeah, remember those?

Okay, your turn.