That's a pretty impressive list, don't you think?

The first inductees for the "World Video Game Hall of Fame" have been revealed; you can seem them at The Strong Museum's website .

It's no surprise to see certain classics in there and it makes sense that these are the first games to be honored:

These 6 were culled from a pool of 15 finalists, which included The Legend of Zelda , Angry Birds , FIFA , Minecraft , The Oregon Trail , Pokemon , Sonic the Hedgehog , The Sims , and Space Invaders . The titles that didn't make the cut have another chance at induction next year; nominations for the class of 2016 will be accepted through March 31, 2016.

A panel of journalists and scholars decide which games make the cut, but which ones would you like to see join the honorees next year? Final Fantasy ? Half-Life ? Command & Conquer ? Dare I say… Call of Duty ?