Yeah, it wasn't very good.

It's always encouraging to hear a studio admit a game they made was mediocre, because it means they're willing to own up and admit their mistakes.

And according to Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka said in a recent Eurogamer interview , that's precisely what Call of Juarez: The Cartel was: A "mistake." He says it simply "wasn't finished when we released it," and we at PSXE are inclined to agree. However, he also added that the much better Gunslinger proves a particular version of the franchise works best:

"We co-own the IP with Ubisoft, so we are joined together. We have to decide together when will be the best time to maybe produce another version of Gunslinger. Probably we will stay with the style of the last one."

Marchewka finally said they would "love to come back" and make another Call of Juarez , which could be intriguing with the new consoles. However, they might be too busy with the Dead Island franchise, and they could end up doing a sequel to Dying Light , too.

Would you care about a new Call of Juarez ?

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