The Last Of Us boasts one of the better stories in video games, but not everyone likes games.

That's why YouTube user Grant Goegtle decided to prepare a cinematic presentation that focuses on the game's plot.

He's worked on the project for the past month, and the result is a movie that requires no interaction on the part of the viewer. Yep, it's just a movie that highlights all the important story-related scenes in Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed title. Said Voegtle in a recent interview with The Verge :

"I was hearing that people wanted to share the story of The Last of Us with their family, but they just didn't have the time to have them sit down and play the entire game. Hearing that and knowing that I could do that for people—that's been the most motivating thing so far to keep me working on it."

Now everyone can appreciate the solid story in The Last Of Us . And when you watch it from start to finish this way, it's actually quite gripping and compelling. Check it out if you're a fan.

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