The capabilities of the PS3 seem vast, and some companies are already beginning to take advantage. There are any number of online services the PS3 could handle, and the options are enough to make your head spin. But one of the latest unique services is very mysterious for now, and we'll have to examine the situation over the next couple of days.

Evidently, there is a new video portal build for the PS3, which can be found here . As you can see, it can only be viewed on the PS3, so if you're interested, we suggest logging on and checking it out. They say it's "online now," but the question is, how popular will this service be? Who's going to know about it, and what – exactly – will it do? Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, what could it do in the future?

We have no idea if this is an official Sony service, but hopefully, we can expect more information over the next couple of days. We'll also be sure to explore as well, and we'll let you know what we find…

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