Just because they had to make changes doesn't mean the movie will be bad…right?

In a recent Game Informer interview , writer and Naughty Dog boss Neil Druckmann says the upcoming film based on "The Last Of Us" is "pretty faithful to the game."

He added that "there are some big changes, but the tone and what the story's trying to say is pretty faithful," so that's good news. Druckmann believes the script is coming along "really well" and he's already finished a second draft. We still don't know which actors and actresses are lined up for the parts, but it's widely rumored that "Game of Thrones" actress Maisie Williams is scheduled to play the critical role of Ellie.

There's no director for the project yet, either, although we do know that "Spider-Man" vet Sam Raimi will be producing it. What are your expectations for this movie? Can it hope to equal the mastery of the game?

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