If you're not familiar, Devs Play is a new YouTube series where a classic game's designer plays through his or her game.

The narration is always interesting and even eye-opening and the latest run-through is essential if you're a veteran FPS fan.

Here, industry icon and id Software co-founder John Romero plays through Doom . He sheds some light on a great many things, such as the origin of the horseshoe level layout you see in the first level (and you also see in the sequel and other future FPSs). Don't forget that Romero went on to work on the likes of Heretic and Quake , two more shooters that helped define and redefine the genre. Because of this history, we can forgive him Daikatana

By the way, the next episode, set to air on January 27, will feature Tim Schafer and Psychonauts , one of my personal favorites. Can't wait for that one!