Trials Fusion was a fun, challenging game that just got better with time.

This is mostly due to great support by developer RedLynx, and the latest free update makes the title that much more attractive.

This is because the update adds multiplayer modes: Up to 8 players can enjoy three new multiplayer options, which is pretty damn cool. Online-X Supercross pits eight players against each other in a series of three races; Private Game and Private Game With Spectator lets players change the event parameters. This means you can fiddle with the speed and handling, and even the strength of the track's gravity.

On top of which, Ubisoft has announced the fourth DLC pack, called Fire in the Deep . This will be ready to go this coming week (January 27) and it'll feature 11 new tracks, 5 new Achievements/Trophies, and 27 new track challenges. They're calling it the "biggest downloadable content pack yet" and it'll go for only $4.99. If you snagged the Season Pass, however, it comes at no extra cost.

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6 years ago

haven't ever go into this game but cool more new stuff if your into that

happy gaming

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