What are the chances of this movie being good? Anyone want to make a prediction?

Ubisoft's live-action movie starring Oscar-nominated actor Michael Fassbender now has a release date, as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter : December 21, 2016.

Initially, the film was supposed to be in theaters by August 2015 but Fox was forced to delay the project in September 2014 due to "production issues." Fassbender will be in the lead role and Justin Kurzel is the director; interestingly, the latter directed the former in the upcoming film, "Macbeth." In speaking about the "Assassin's Creed" movie last year, Fassbender said it would be respectful of the game, but they also want to "bring new elements to it and perhaps our own vision of things that already exist in the game."

Well, sure. Just make sure you don't mangle what's already in the series. There's a huge amount of immensely intriguing elements involving assassins and Templars, and it's way more complex than most people think. …and Hollywood has a problem with "complex."

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6 years ago

Seeing how this has been given to around 6 different writers, and none of them have known what to do. There's a chance it finally got someone who has some ideas as to what the Assassins Creed movie actually needs but I doubt it.

The directors wrong, lead actor could go either way, the sketchy amount of shenanigans leading up to the finalization of the date, and the fact no on knew what to even do for the movie…I would say the movie has a fair shot at being good. Unless they try to incorporate the stupid future Juno nonsense. Keep that out, bury it like the plague it is, and keep it Assassincreedreal.

6 years ago

Yup, they are gonna kill it with their own vision. Every time someone in the movie says those things it blows up.