The Battlefield 4 community has a bone to pick with developer DICE.

Among their complaints, as listed here , are lack of communication with the developer, deceiving admins with hidden patches, and cheaters able to "destroy servers."

As such, they're staging a protest that involves closing the game's servers on Saturday, January 3. Basically, they're just annoyed that DICE doesn't communicate with the admins for a number of reasons, so those who run the individual servers are going on strike. We can't be sure what effect this will have but hey, it's getting attention. We'll have to see if DICE responds in some way, or offers an explanation as to why they haven't really been replying to server admins.

Well, maybe they're working on new projects. Nothin' wrong with that, right?

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7 years ago

i gave up on bf4 multiplayer long time ago i don't know why people are still playing even if it is better i just don't think it's worth it nor can i be bothered

happy gaming

7 years ago

Gimme a break… Most server admins on BF are poor sports and kick you when you start to beat them. BF should have a report page where you can report them for it.