Sure, it can be fixed. It just isn't much fun.

Far Cry 4 has been getting some great reviews but PlayStation 3 owners aren't so thrilled. There's a corruption bug related to digital copies of the PS3 version and it totally breaks the game.

Publisher Ubisoft has provided a fix on the game's Live Updates page : Delete the game from your hard drive, go back to the PlayStation Store, and re-download an updated version. They also say that future digital versions "should not be affected by this issue." There's a full instruction list for how to go about reinstalling; click through the link above if you need it.

Corruption bugs are the worst, aren't they?

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6 years ago

I'm glad the PS4 version is working well for me.

6 years ago

yeah they are the most annoiying it happened to me with BF4 campaign on the ps4 its is really iterating so i feel for you guys with this

happy gaming

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