Everyone is anxiously awaiting E3, and what Sony will provide regarding the PS3 and PSP. We assume there will be plenty of new information, details, and general news, but what we didn't know is that we should be seeing event coverage on the PlayStation Store. That's right, if you're hoping to follow every step of E3 this year, it might help to log on to the Store every once in a while.

If you check the Store now, the main content board has a new header- "E3: Get ready for something new July 11th – July 13th." Now, it seems obvious what this is for. Those attending the event will get a chance to see all kinds of preview videos and trailers, special announcements, etc, but could Sony be bringing that behind-the-scenes information to every PS3 owner? Just how much content can we expect on the Store? And what about that two and a half-hour Killzone 2 unveiling?

It doesn't do anything if you click on it now, but it oughta do a whole heck of a lot next week. Instead of being forced to only read about the latest, sweetest PS3 video, you might just be able view it yourself, and from the comfort of your own home! See, now that's exactly the kind of thing we were hoping for when the Store was first implemented.

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