Sometimes, parents can be really cool about video games.

These days, it's far more common; back when I was a kid, you almost never found parents who were into video games. It was nothing more than a hobby for children, really.

But check out this touching YouTube video initially recorded back in 1991 (yes, well before YouTube). It features a father and son and the title of the video is the "The Genesis Power Team." In it, Tyler Esposito's dad tries to convince his New York relatives to purchase Sega's new 16-bit system, and he uses great games like Strider , The Revenge of Shinobi , Ghostbusters and Castle of Illusion as helpful aides. See, this is why you had to upgrade from the 8-bit NES!

Esposito's father has since passed on but before he left, he handed over his love of gaming to his son. This is just so worth a look.