And…you guessed it. The saga continues.

We knew the standard Blu-Ray version of Warhawk would be bundled with a Bluetooth headset, but that's about all we knew. Despite the GameStop/EB listing that outlined an August 2 release and a typical $59.99 price tag, Sony had yet to confirm anything regarding either the Blu-Ray or downloadable Warhawk . But 1Up earlier confirmed with EB that the game absolutely would cost $59.99, and it was coming with the Jabra BT125 headset, which retails for $39.99. That's not a bad deal.

And finally, to follow up that story, Sony has indeed made the official announcement:

"The highly anticipated title Warhawk, a PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive, will be available both as a downloadable title via PLAYSTATION Network and at retail stores as a Blu-ray disc on August 28, 2007. The Blu-ray version will retail at stores for $59.99 and will be bundled with a Jabra Bluetooth headset ($39 value), bonus features and upcoming product trailers. Pricing for the PLAYSTATION Network download of Warhawk has not been announced."

Okay, so we still don't have the details on the downloadable version, but the Blu-Ray version seems nailed down. August 28 (not August 2), $59.99, and a Jabra BT125 Bluetooth headset. …no mention on any extra content on the disc, though. We'll keep you updated, as always.

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