Would you like to see a sequel to Sleeping Dogs ? So would United Front Games.

The developer would "love" to pursue a follow-up effort to the well-received 2012 title but unfortunately, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

The team is currently focused on a free-to-play project for PC, Triad Wars , and that means any thoughts of a Sleeping Dogs 2 have to remain on the back burner. But as producer Justin Bullard said during a recent Reddit AMA :

"Right now we are totally focused on making Triad Wars as awesome as it could be. But [we] would love to continue making games in the Sleeping Dogs universe."

The first game was originally entitled True Crime: Hong Kong and it was slated to be published by Activision. But the latter company dropped it in February 2011 and later, Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix picked it up and rebranded the project. It turned out to be a good move as the game sold well and turned out to be profitable for Square Enix.

If you missed out, they'll release a Definitive Edition for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next month. It'll boast 1080p visuals and all 24 DLC packs!

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